Ubuntu Token

The Ubuntu Token (UBU) has multiple purposes. Spreading awareness of the Ubuntu OS is one, in Africa a lot of people believe the Windows OS is the only option so education about this open source alternative is needed.

Secondly its purpose is to spread awareness of cryptocurrencies in general, the Lärande organization would undertake the endeavour to spread the Ubuntu Token to a lot of people in Rwanda and Africa to introduce people to the crypto space, this can be done by giving bounties to people who are hired to give out UBU.

Thirdly the Ubuntu Token would have a large supply so as to enable poor people to get a tangible return from farming it, a person staking a single dollar would have to wait weeks to get a small bit of YFIN whereas with UBU they should get a few in a day.

Finally "ubu" means "now" in Kinyarwanda so the coin also spreads awareness of the present moment.

There is currently a competition to design a logo for the Ubuntu Token, please send your submission to admins@laerande.org

To find out more about the Lärande organization visit our home page.